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Geophysical Services

Applied geophysics investigates the ground's physical properties to provide information on subsurface ground conditions for practical applications. Geophysical surveys are non-intrusive and non-invasive, minimizing expensive, time consuming and labor intensive investigations such as drilling and pitting. A geophysical survey covers large site areas rapidly, thereby optimizing the targeting of intrusive investigations. In environments where intrusive investigations are impossible, only geophysics can provide the answers.

Electromagnetic Tools (EM-31 & EM-61)
Buried Metal Detection & Hydrocarbon Contamination Detection.

Buried Metal Detection (UXO, UST, Barrels, Pipelines).

Ground Penetrating Radar
Stratigraphy & Contamination Detection.

Seismic Refraction
Mapping of Stratigraphy, Bedrock, Groundwater, and Faults.

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