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Soil Sampling

Macro Core
Macro-Core (MC) tooling is a solid barrel that is pushed into the subsurface for collecting continuous core samples of unconsolidated materials at depth. The Macro-Core® soil samples are collected in a Teflon®, PVC, or PETG liner of five feet (5-ft.) lengths and can be obtained by splitting the liner or capped to preserve the samples for future analysis.

No cuttings eliminates handling, containing, storing and disposing of potentially hazardous and contaminated cuttings.
Minimal disturbance to the ground surface. Only a small diameter hole is created
Minimal physical and chemical disturbance assures a high degree of sample integrity and data quality
Both probing and sampling is fast

Undisturbed soil samples can be obtained by splitting the liner
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Dual Tube
Dual Tube Sampling Systems are efficient methods of collecting continuous soil cores with the added benefit of a cased hole. Dual tube sampling uses two sets of probe rods to collect continuous soil cores. One set of rods is driven into the ground as an outer casing. These rods receive the driving force from the hammer and provide a sealed hole from which soil samples may be recovered without the threat of cross contamination. The second, smaller set of rods are placed inside the outer casing. The smaller rods hold a sample liner in place as the outer casing is driven one sampling interval. The small rods are then retracted to retrieve the filled liner.

Soil sampling inside of a cased hole
Set monitoring wells through outer casing after collecting soil cores
Sample from a discrete depth
Multiple interval sampling
Excellent performance in harsh probing conditions

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The RS60 sampler retrieves a soil core nearly 2.5 in. (60mm) in diameter and is widely used where large soil cores are needed. A 3.25 in. probe rod serves as the sampler sheath. When “open hole” continuous soil sampling is hindered by slough or probe hole cave in, the RS60 sampler can be used with a closed piston option. This option simply utilizes a center probe rod which holds a piston point inside the cutting shoe preventing any soil from entering the sampler until the piston rod is removed.

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