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Triad Approach

TriadThe Triad is an innovative approach to decision-making for hazardous waste site characterization and remediation. The Triad approach proactively exploits new characterization and treatment tools, using work strategies developed by innovative and successful site professionals. The Triad Resource Center provides the information hazardous waste site managers and cleanup practitioners need to implement the Triad effectively.

Systematic Planning for all site activities ensures goals for each project are clearly identified. This requires charting a resource effective course, working with a multi-disciplinary technical staff to translate project goals into realistic technical objectives. A conceptual site model (CSM) becomes the planning tool organizing pre-existing site information and identifying the additional information needed to meet the new goals. The CSM is the key to Planning, Modeling, and Communications.

Dynamic Work Strategies is the element that allows projects to be completed “faster” and “cheaper” than ever possible under traditional, static work strategies. Work planning documents written in a dynamic or flexible mode guide the course of the project to adapt in real-time (i.e., while the work crew is still in the field) as new information becomes available. This allows preliminary CSMs to be tested and evolved to maturity in real-time, saving significant time and money while supporting better resolution of uncertainties.

Real-Time Measurement Technologies makes dynamic work strategies possible by gathering, interpreting, and sharing data fast enough to support real-time decisions. The range of technologies supporting real-time measurements includes field analytical instrumentation, in situ sensing systems, geophysics, on-site data interpretation, and a committed field management team that makes decisions.

GeoTek Alaska’s wide variety of direct sensing tools, geophysics, ground-truthing equipment, and a qualified team of experts will insure accelerated project schedules, reduced overall project costs, and improved project outcomes.

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